Fund Structuring

Whether you are launching a new fund or optimizing an existing one, we assist you in every step of the way. Together with legal and tax counsel we evaluate which jurisdiction and type of vehicle will suit you and your investors needs best.   

Fund Accounting

Elevate your Fund's reporting with our comprehensive NAV calculation, financial statement preparation and insightful reports. We accurately and efficiently handle all NAV frequencies for all types of investment strategies.

Investor Relations

Timely reporting, transparent communication and personalized support cultivate strong relationships. Trust us to engage with all your stakeholders on this very basis, further fostering their confidence and loyalty.

Assurance & Governance Services

Our experienced team navigates complexities with confidence, safeguarding your structure's integrity and reputation in a dynamic regulatory landscape. For selected clients we provide directorships and take on critical governance roles (FATCA/CRS; AML/MLR) ensuring compliance with rigorous standards and providing robust oversight and strategic guidance.